FEATURE: Marita Dyson

By Alana Mazurke   One of the most effervescent souls to watch live in Marita Dyson of Melbourne outfit The Orbweavers talks to me about the latest double release of singles Ceiling Rose/Match Factory, working on a new LP, festivals and the process of creating the identified ambience the band produces so very well.


The past months have seen a slot at the independent Golden Plains Festival as well as a support for Something For Kate at the 2014 Melbourne Zoo Twilight series with an upcoming support for Ron S. Peno & The Superstitions. This is just the beginning of the long list of names The Orbweavers have performed with, with Beach House, Cass McCombs and Julia Holter to name a few. However, regardless of constant rehearsal and performance it seems Marita still gets stage fright.

“I always get nervous before a show; there hasn’t been a time where I haven’t been nervous! But I try to use those feelings for good rather than letting them get to me, like when it’s a gig that I m so super excited about I always remember the moment before walking on stage and feeling my heart beating really fast and thinking ‘oh my goodness, I’m so terrified and excited at the same time’. It’s always a matter of walking out and getting used to – it kind of like jumping into a pool where once you’re in its fine.”

The outfit consisting of Marita and husband Stu are backed with their live band. Together they showcase effortlessly an array of hauntingly beautiful, eclectic and humble collection of songs.  “All our band members’ styles and skills are amazing so I have absolute faith and trust in them which I’m very lucky and thankful for.” Regardless of the use of more classical tones and instruments the band still manage to encapsulate a more contemporary sound in their writing and scoring of songs. “With the recordings and perhaps a little more with it live it would have sounds and effects which change a lot of those traditional instruments like acoustic guitar and violin and make then a little bit more atmospheric. When we record at home we add a lot of ambient sounds and try to create atmosphere through filed recordings and using keyboards to add other elements. That may help to make our music more modern in a way.”

“Stuart my partner and I we write all of our material together and that’s pretty much all we do outside of going to work or socializing – is talking about life and our fears and writing things down. I have so many of bits of paper with notes on them; I clean out my bag and it’s overfilled with all these little ideas.”

Acclaimed 2011 LP Loom was the latest album to be released with much adulation receiving Triple R album of the week and spurred the onslaught of support slots with both national and international acts. Last year saw the release of double single Ceiling Rose/Match Factory which is said to be snippet of what this new album will entail. “The two songs are a snippet of what we’re working on which will be our third album; we’re always doing little bits of work on it all the time so we spend both Saturday and Sunday usually as well as sometimes spending a few hours on it here and there to keep working away. We have a whole lot of songs we want to record but we need to see what fits and what takes shape. So were working on that this year and were hoping to release as soon as we can hopefully ate this year or early next year.”

With the bands steady work and social schedule I pondered if going to and fro with recording changed any of the current processes; whether a song sounded the same when come back to it a short time after? “Some songs you might have a really set idea of what you want to do and then that’s easy to carry out. Then some songs you might start and then half way through think that it needs a different approach or it needs something else. Often then it does need some more time if you come back to it.”

“Stuart and I tend to do a lot of recording ourselves; just through time constraints we do bit on the weekend as we go but then other songs we do have our band members play parts. It’s a mixture of sometimes just asking them to do whatever they think would work yet other times we will write things for them to play.”

Single ‘Ceiling Rose’ stuck with me a lot during their set at both Melbourne Zoo and Golden Plains. It was nice to hear that my prediction behind the meaning of the track was in fact correct, but I now know that it’s actually quite open to few personal interpretations. “It’s about lying in bed and looking up and staring at the ceiling rose, thinking about all the people who have been lying in that same room over time who had done the same thing. A lot of houses in Melbourne have ceiling roses and or plaster work most in which most of the houses I’ve lived in have had them; that’s a lot of people over time staring at the ceiling. Either in the morning when you wake up or at night as you’re trying to go to sleep, all the thoughts racing through your mind at that time, they’re probably very similar to anyone else who has looked up at that ceiling rose. Everyone experiences worries and fears an dreams and hopes and illness and it’s very soothing to be able to stare at something on the ceiling if I’m ever feeling anxious so ceiling rose is a nice focus in that sense.” This Melbourne band is clearly a favourite with both fans and critics alike and after falling in love with the band and the lovely Marita herself whose charisma simply shines through her work, I look so, so forward to hearing the next LP.

Watch the new clip for single Ceiling Rose below: