Animaux Q&A

By: Maddy Crehan

Seven-piece band Animaux (pronounced an-ee-mo) exploded the Melbourne music scene playing shows all over town drawing huge crowds every time without fail. In 2012, Animaux has shared the stage with Trombone Shorty (USA), Eagle and the Worm, Set Sail, Saskwatch and the Vaudeville Smash, as well as performing stand- out sets at Moomba, St Kilda Festival, Pushover and Warrandyte Festival.

Since the release of their last single Song For Grace Animaux has played three month long headline residencies at the Workers Club and the Evelyn Hotel to packed out band rooms every week, and they’ve been added to high rotation on Triple J Unearthed radio and RRR.

This October, Animaux will launch their latest single Paradise. Along with the B-side track This Time, Animaux promise to deliver yet another addition to their growing repertoire of catchy pop songs.

Mixed by Adam Rhodes (The Cat Empire, Angus & Julia Stone, Jackson Jackson) at Sing Sing Recording Studios, Paradise is the second stand alone single released by Animaux this year. Incorporating tasty horn melodies, sultry backing vocals and a tight groove, Paradise proves to be Animaux’s most polished release to date.

Joined by their good friends Francolin, Albert Salt and Smoking Toddler DJs, Animaux will launch the track at Melbourne’s the Toff In Town on Thursday 4 October.


1. How would you describe your sound?

Our sound is the product of all our musical backgrounds and tastes combined. The result being a mixture of pop, funk, soul, jazz and Katy Perry (courtesy of Sammo)


2. What bands or artists have inspired your music? 

Bill: Radiohead, Mark Ronson, Coldplay

Alex: Alabama Shakes, Maceo Parker, Hiatus Kaiyote

Sammo: Justin Timberlake, Adele, Katy Perry

Ollie: Chaka Khan, Sly & the Family Stone, Sammo singing in the shower

Freo (on behalf of Woolf): Lil’ Wayne, Ke$ha, because I feel musically incompetent after listening to Radiohead and Jeff Buckley

Will: The Cat Empire, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Adam: Nickelback, Avril Lavigne and their future child


3. What’s your take on the Melbourne music scene at the moment?

The Melbourne music scene at the moment is so diverse and full of talent. On any one night you could catch an awesome beats band like I’lls, a grungy noise band like Esc or some Dap-style instrumental funk from the Cactus Channel. The fact that we have so many venues supporting live music means that there’s endless opportunities to get your music out there.


4. With a new single launch coming up can we expect an album anytime soon?

An album is probably a while off yet. But we’re definitely in the process of writing songs for our next EP, which we hope will be released next year


5. Any advice for other young artists trying to make it in the music world?

That is a seriously hard question considering we are a young band trying to make it in the music world! But from our experiences so far, our advice includes getting to know your local scene inside and out. Get to know the venues, the bands, the crowds, regardless of the type of music you play and create as many relationships as you can. Also, be nice to all the people you meet along the way. Whether it be a hot shot record producer or some arts student who just happens to be at your gig, a smile and a chat goes a long way!


6. Does being part of a large band make the writing and recording process difficult? Is it a collaborative effort?

Songwriting in Animaux is very much a collaborative effort, which means that it probably takes a bit longer than the average four piece band with a main writer to get a song to performance standard, but that doesn’t make it a frustrating process. We’ve been playing together for years in different bands, so we’re all really in touch with eachothers’ personal styles and mindsets, making the process a lot smoother than if there were seven musos who didn’t know eachother that well being chucked in a room with the task to write a song together


7. What’s been your favourite moment in your music career so far?

Every moment’s a favourite! But if we had to narrow it down to a couple of highlights, they’d include playing to crowds of 200-300 awesome people every week at the Evelyn when have residencies there, as well as supporting Set Sail in Sydney where we had the best show in a new town any band could ask for


8. What can we expect for the upcoming single launch at the Toff in October?

New songs, old songs, awesome supports and maybe a cheeky collaboration…


9. Favourite Melbourne venue?

Hands down, the Evelyn Hotel in Fitzroy. We played our very first gig there on Boxing Day 2010 and have played their about 30 times since. It has become our home away from home and that shows in how excited we get every time we play there. Amazing staff, awesome vibe, guaranteed good times!


10. What is in store for the band after the single launch?

We have a few really cool gigs coming up before the year’s out including a couple of festivals. We’re going to continue working on writing better and better songs, and hopefully take them up the east coast very soon!