Clairy Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes – Q&A

Clairy Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes bring back the sounds of hard hitting Northern Soul, jump blues, doo-wop, ska and gospel straight out of East Harlem via a backyard operation in Melbourne.

To celebrate their ‘Love Letter’ music clip filmed at Old Geelong Gaol and their limited edition 7″ vinyl, they will be embarking on a National Tour, which kicks off this Friday at the Prince of Wales in Melbourne.

Clariy and her 8 personalities took some time out to talk to BT about what to expect at their upcoming tour,  Melbourne’s music scene, their fave place to dance in Melbourne.


CBBR Love Letter image


1. The band is quite big! (9 piece), How do you guys go touring together? Is it girls vs guys on the bus?

We keep each other happy. Camp Penis, Camp Vagina, you know. Exactly like grade six camp but with alcohol.

No, its fun, you know, we get along fine. Just get on with it. It’s always been a big party so we have never known any different. I think we balance each other out.


2. ‘Baby Caught The Bus’ is a smashing record! How was working with producer Steve Schram?

Schram is a total task master but its well worth it. He has a great feel for what we wanted to do with the album so the marriage was really perfect for that project.


3. What’s your fave festival to play in Australia and why?

I prefer club shows to festivals, but if I had to pick a festival….. WaveRock was pretty up our alley. Beautiful rock shaped like a wave, the desert, relaxed vibe, good bands, capped at 800 and in the middle of nowhere, so minimal fuckwits.


4. Love the new video clip, what was it like shooting in a jail?

It was pretty creepy. The jail only closed in the 90’s so we could feel this eery vibe, but could only hope this was the most glamour the jail had ever seen…


5. Since your first show in 2009 the band has come a long way, any advice for young artists on how to make this music thing work?

Thanks. I think dedication is super important. Get a good manager. Play music you love. If that doesn’t work, like, heaps of publicity stunts. Sleep with a mediocre celebrity. Wear different wigs everyday.


6. You’re about to embark on the Love Letter National Tour, what should your audience expect? 

Well, in Rackettes fashion, we will put a lot into the live show. It’s our last chance to really showcase the album in a live setting, so expect to be taken from soaring dancing highs to moody bluesy lows.  Our first show for the tour is at the Prince Bandroom on Friday 27th, we are joined that night by very good friends Kira Puru, Stella Angelico and The Putbacks. It will be a sort of mini festival of Rackette. Ciggarettes in beehives, bad behaviour, low down jiving and making out on the stairs.


7. Any plans for the Rackettes to hit international waters anytime soon?

We have plans to release ‘Love Letter’ as a single in Europe and Japan this year and hopefully tour the album around… Thats all I can say right now.


8. What’s your take on the Melbourne music scene? As well as in relation to your music style?

There is always a lot to see, there are plenty of great musicians, good mini festivals, talented artists. There isn’t that much in terms of a strong old r ‘n’b scene. Plenty of dj’s though, and a few bands coming through the cracks. Great Jazz parties if you can find them. I’d like to see more tough women.


9. Fave place to dance in Melbourne?

Jazz Party baby. Or The pound. With my Jazz family.


10. Top three Melbourne artists? 

Mojo Juju

Stella Angelico

Ainsley Wills


11. Fave drink in your fave bar? 

A cocktail, probably a dirty martini, somewhere in East Brunswick. There are a few I like.


Check out their music clip for ‘Love Letter’ and National Tour Dates below!

National Tour Dates

Friday, 27 April

Prince of Wales, Melbourne

Friday, 11 May

Fly by Night, Perth

Saturday, 12 May

Rocket Bar, Adelaide

Thursday, 24 May

Brass Monkey, Cronulla

Friday, 25 May

Goodgod Small Club, Sydney

Saturday, 26 May

Powerhouse, Brisbane