Darkside at The Palace Theatre 4/4/2014

Words and photos by Alana Mazurke



Kicking off the sold out Darkside show to Melbourne punters at The Palace Theatre last Friday night was Sydney outfit Movement. The trio fast established themselves as professionals, showcasing their favoured single ‘Us’ as well as latest release ‘Like Lust’, from their debut self titled EP. I was fortunate enough to get an early listen of the four track EP set to be released at the end of this month and can safely say it is an extremely promising snippet of what’s to come from the group. With a highly plausible reception from first listeners at the gig, it won’t be too long at all until the push for an LP.




The low hum of the crowd ceased as Darkside aka Dave Harrington and Nicolas Jaar finally entered out onto a dimmed stage, organising themselves quickly before getting straight into it. With every increment of a bass drum or increased level of beat, the crowd followed like adorning teenagers. It was brilliant for when they wanted us to move, we moved; their puppets, our masters. The entirety of the set was visually enhanced with its effectiveness of smoke machine, coloured lights and the use of a centred hemispherical fixture. Performing their debut LP Psychic in its true form seemed not suffice for the duo, showcasing instead a masterful adaptation of the 8 tracked full length. Regardless of the lack of expected dramatic eclecticism from the show, the fact remains that I got to see two extremely likeminded and talented musicians perform their debut album for the first time in my hometown and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.



Listen to what you missed out on below.