Eliza Hull – Q&A

By: Nick Killalea

Eliza Hull’s Dawn EP was launched following a successful stand-alone single launch, Five, which generated strong reviews, Rage coverage, community radio play, and a capacity crowd at the Northcote Social Club launch.

Eliza now builds upon years of involvement in the Melbourne music scene with her band Describe Eliza, who have had success through Triple J unearthed radio support, a strong live following, national touring, and television coverage.

With a voice described as ‘fragile, yet strong’ – Beat Magazine, combined with an eclectic range of influences Eliza & Co. create a broad range of atmospheres.

Blank Tape assistant Nick Killalea caught Eliza just before she heads OS and found out what makes her tick.

1. Describe the sound of Eliza Hull in five words.

Dreamy, Honest, Electronic, Pop, Thoughtful.


2. Which artists inspire Eliza Hull?

Bjork, Sia, Fiona Apple, Feist, Lamb and Melbourne artists like Ainslie Wills, Axolotl, Texture Like Sun, Gossling and Haarlo.


3. You worked with Hayden Calnin recently to produce the track “Ghosts”. What was it like writing with him?

Easy. I felt really comfortable around Hayden quickly, he creates a really relaxed studio environment and he really empowered me to take the reins. I had written ‘Ghosts’ very basically on a keyboard and took the song to him. I played it to him once and then he said ‘ok lets record this.’ I was so surprised that we weren’t going to spend hours producing/workshopping it.

Although this is how I want to do it from now on because when you have that spark with a song, to sing it over and over is something that can drain it’s energy.

So Hayden got me to record it in one take, then got me to play the synth line, then we experimented with backing vocals and recorded some from a distance in his kitchen. Then Hayden added all of the beats, I love the simplicity of the song.


4. Who’s your dream act to perform/record with?

I would love to perform with Sia. I probably wouldn’t get a word out though I would be totally star struck.


5. You launched an EP earlier this year. How did you find the writing and recording process for that?

It was a really drawn out process but it was a big learning curve for everyone involved and I still am really proud of it. The EP was launched at the Toff to one of the best crowds I have had, they were singing along to all the songs and I had friends like Ainslie Wills and Hayden Calnin join me on stage. I felt very lucky.


6. What would be your best piece of advice for young artists looking to write and record and EP?

Take your time exploring who you are before you record, then once you record go with your gut instinct and have fun.


7. What’s your take on the Melbourne music scene? Female friendly or not so much?

Extremely female friendly.  I absolutely adore so many Melbourne female artists and they are extremely supportive of me and vice versa.


8. What have been some of the highlights of your career so far?

*Recording in the Northcote Uniting Church space with Jonathan Steer, he is an amazing engineer. We just did it the two of us and really enjoyed the acoustics and vibe in there.

*Having an EP out – completing that!

*Supporting Stereo Mc’s and Crazy P at the Hifi Bar in Melbourne.

*Just recently being asked to write music for Kage Physical Theatre.

*Performing on Channel 10’s ‘Big Night In’.

*The moments on stage when you forget about everything else but that moment.


9. When is you next show and what can we expect?

The Workers Club – Sunday 12th of August with Iluka and Tom Kline. Last show in Melbourne for a little while. I am heading Overseas for a little while next!


10. Fave drink in fave bar?

Cider at the Black Cat.


11. Top three fave Melbourne venues?

*The Toff.

*The Forum.

*The Northcote Social.