FEATURE: Bluejuice


By Alana Mazurke


Sydney band Bluejuice recently announced the deformation of the band by releasing the statement “After 13 years of broken bones, broken hearts, sore heads, passive aggression, regular aggression, several arrests, questionable skin infections, and a busload of infuriated tour managers, Bluejuice are announcing they are calling it quits at the end of 2014”. Fortunately enough for fans the finality of the band doesn’t mean all bad news, with the band announcing a full scale tour around Australia including a last stint at this year’s Falls Festival. I spoke to the ever charismatic Jake Stone about the upcoming tour, making new music and ofcourse the reasoning behind the breakup.


Originally forming in 2001 throughout a 6 month transition of changing members and managers, Jake recalls his first ever ‘not strictly’ Bluejuice gig. I’d just finished from uni and wanted to do some singing in a band and a friend had said to go play with them –they would play this type of afro jazz and I was basically just shouting for three hours. It ended and we were like ‘well that was fucking weird’. We booked this string of support shows and were playing funk music and smashing glasses on our head and we really loved what we were doing.”  6 years later the band released their first studio full length Problems, commencing their foothold to a notable place within the Australian music industry with the release of singles ‘Vitriol’ and ‘The Reductionist’.

“We got good at making music so we quit.”

2009 saw the bands second album Head Of The Hawk along with the successful single ‘Broken Leg’ followed two years later by the bands, what is now, last LP Company. This year the band will release a compilation album (greatest hits if you will) of the past three albums titled Retrospectable with the new record featuring three unreleased tracks chosen from new material made in the last year.

Announcing a farewell tour to coincide with the bands departure taking place over the next three months, the extensive string of dates have already seen multiple shows sell out. Acknowledging they’re not the most timid band going round, the band will be playing over 20 shows to reinforce their brash yet never disparaging live shows in a way that only Bluejuice can do best is the way they wish to finish. “The plan for the last show is we’ll just play and have a little thing with a crew. It’s not easy, I’m sure I’ll just be processing that our last show will actually be our last…it’s going to be emotional; I’ll have to become a heroin addict or something.”

As for the reasoning behind the split Jake sums it up better than I could ever elaborate on. “It’s either this or to go on the voice as a band…I expect we’d be on either team Madden or Delta; we’re just white enough for her to clap along. Ricky Martin is the only one that seems like he’s actually listening to the music, he’d be okay.” As reluctant a feeling you get from the bands split there is a definite certainty in Jake’s willingness to continue making music. As he states for his future plans…“I will still play anyway, I’ll still play in bands and make music and I hope that people give a shit and I’m not sure if I’ll have anything to offer but I really hope so…Kids are kids; they don’t give a shit. One year they’re like I love ‘Vitriol!’ and then the year after they’re just like ‘die old man!’.”

The band have just released the film clip for their last single ‘I’ll Go Crazy’ featured below.


Tour dates, information and ticketing details can be found here.