FEATURE: Caitlin Park



By Alana Mazurke


Sydney songstress and acoustic-electronic master Caitlin Park is soon to embark on an East Coast tour, showcasing sophomore LP The Sleeper. The album released in May, has seen the successful release of singles ‘Hold Your Gaze’ and ‘Lemonade’. Now the fellow True Detective fan has announced a new Ep titled To Breathe You Out set for release July 11th as a fitting conclusion to the story behind The Sleeper and is the B-side to the LP. On tour with the effervescent Park comes Emma Russack, Shanna Watson, Sahara Beck, Fieu and Joyride who has recently re worked the ‘Lemonade’ single into a solid remix.



 “I’m watching each domino fall slowly but I just want to push them all now! “


In 2011 Park released her debut album Milk Annual and received a sparkling reception from critics. That reception also saw massive tour supports for Caitlin with the likes of Active Child, Big Scary, First Aid Kit and James Vincent McMorrow to name a few. I pondered whether or not the similarity of music and style was important for an emerging artist when choosing to accept a support or rather if the exposure was just as significant.  “I was in the UK when I was asked about supporting Active Child, had a listen and I actually thought it was quite dissimilar to what I do, yet it really captivated me. The one thing I would take into account [in playing as support act] would be the fact that playing a show to a really large audience doesn’t  phase me, but to play to one that isn’t really interested is a really draining thing to do. You’re trying to captivate people who are listening which might be few and far between but if you’re playing to nothing it can be really tiring.”

Last year Park played with unknown prospects at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton, UK being picked from a multitude of Australian acts. She stayed on to play a string of sideshows and noted some differences from playing at her local in Sydney.  “There was an interesting difference between playing Australia and the UK…in the way the audience would come up and say id really love that lyric and be really into the lyricism in the songs [in the UK] whereas Australia is more about the rhythm…you kind of feel like a bull in a pen surrounded by a whole lot of other bulls; it feels really high risk and you have this 20 minute showcase but turned out it was really good…we had a full house and I got to rehearse with the band that I’d never played with hah.”

“It’s not a long album but all of the tracks i’m really happy with, especially the way it feels when you listen to it from start to finish. I feel like people don’t really listen to an album start to finish, but artists do care about that and it means a lot to me, I really care deeply about the lyrics and the way it was put together.”

Having utilised a solid written schedule to bust out the recording of 10 songs in 8 days out in the remote Australian countryside, it’s no wonder Park is full of adulation toward her work. “I’m extremely proud of the record and I think it’s the best piece of work that I’ve put together. It wasn’t really a slow process at all. I took a year off and then started writing the new album basically a year after Milk Annual came out;  I realised that I wanted  to create a conceptual album that fit really well because Milk Annual was quite a facetious album I wrote over 4 years. The first song on Milk Annual was the first song that I wrote ever. The sleeper was written over 2 months, at the time I was working 6 days a week  – work 8 hour days and then go home eat nothing and write music. I find that I’m much more productive if I’m flat out. I took three months off working after writing Milk Annual and I wrote nothing!” Her capability to create this new aged version of folktronica in a way thats refreshing and fun yet meaningful whilst proving her talent as a multi-instrumentalist opens up a really exciting pathway for Park, to excel not only in Australia but internationally. There is no doubt that we will be seeing a lot more from this progressive singer-songwriter in the near future.




Tour dates below.


July 11th//The Vanguard//Sydney
w/ Joyride


August 1st//Bella Union//Melbourne
w/ Emma Russack & Shanna Watson


August 2nd//The Hive//Brisbane (All Ages)
w/ Fieu & Sahara Beck