FEATURE: Holy Holy


By Alana Mazurke



Consisting of Timothy Carroll and Oscar Dawson, duo Holy Holy released their first EP The Pacific earlier this year to much critical acclaim. The release has already seen two of the four tracks showcased as singles – “Impossible Like You” and “House Of Cards”, both of which have received extremely good reception from listeners.  The bands first tour sees them at Shebeen this Friday night to promote their contemporary melodically driven, yet upbeat tunes whilst further enhancing the anticipation of a full length debut. I talked to Tim about the makings of a new band and setting the EP out for the nations viewing as well as becoming curator to a boutique festival in Tasmania, signing to a label and the potential of an album release for Holy Holy.


“Some songs on the album are a bit sweeter and melodic; it was good to get the more rocky songs on the EP and make some space on the album for those so that the album will make a slightly different statement.”

Award winning singer songwriter Carroll explains why he and Dawson (who can be known for his work in Ali Barter and Dukes of Windsor) chose to release an EP rather than long play in light f the bands launch.“We have more than an albums worth of songs recorded but decided that releasing an EP with a couple songs we were really proud of and touring those first before an LP release would be best as a new band. So the albums there ready to come when we feel the time is right.” With a mention of even more new songs being rehearsed in the week past, I feel fans can be thankful that we will be hearing new Holy Holy material sooner than later.

The duo were picked up by Sydney based label Wonderlick in the early stages of their career, snapping them up in the midst of a bidding wave of wanting buyers. “It’s a big a decision as whom you want to play in the band. There’s a lot of different things to consider as a young band like if it’s at the right time, who the team is, the actual agreements that you make; each deal that a label does with a band can be different across the board so the important thing is to have a good team support to aid those decisions. You need to understand what it is you’re agreeing to but there’s also an element of trust of the people making the offer. They [Wonder lick] came to Brisbane to see a few shows and they were in to what we were doing and were there from the beginning wanting to be involved. There was that effort there and feeling of trust, it felt right.” Apparently not having to put all the bands expenses on the personal credit cards anymore has its perks also.

First meeting as volunteers in South East Asia, Carroll and Dawson found themselves drawn to each other’s personalities and musical capabilities. After a freak encounter again years later the pair decided to start making music, recording first demos in 2011 whilst in Europe. “We definitely have a big connection; he’s a thoughtful and intelligent person and he’s certainly an interesting dinner party companion. Thankfully over the years we were just keeping in touch and were really fortunate that while in Europe we came together again and started writing.”

“I’m based in Brisbane and Oscar in Melbourne. We’re separate and have been kind of moving around a lot…when we’re touring we see each other. We send each other a lot of music and on a down day try to get to a studio and do some recording or rehearsing as a band… I’d love the chance to play together more but we make it work.”

For the first time this year Tim along with fellow director Dan Rook, curated their first independent music festival Panama in Tasmania to great success. “When I was 18 there was a group of us who went and worked on UK festivals over the Summer, so we got to see a lot of festivals at the time, saw what worked, what we liked and didn’t like, we’d always talked about one day putting a festival up on Dans [Rook] site in Tasmania so we networked and it delivered the festival hah. It all came together last year and we decided to take the risk, it was originally a one night but when Charles Bradley came on board we had to commit to a two day event…we’re currently working on the 2015 program!”


I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning by Bright Eyes was an important album for me because even though I had been writing a lot before that, I was listening to it whilst overseas and I guess it set kind of a bench mark for me in light of musical genius hah.”

Recorded live to tape and produced by Matt Redlich – known for his work with Ball Park Music, Emma Louise and The Trouble With Templeton, The Pacific gives listeners four lyrically profound, musically innovative tracks.“Until recently I was writing songs by myself, and then taking them to the band where they added their parts; now were writing more collaboratively and Oscar as a brilliant composer has been having a larger influence on the songs. I’m much more enjoying that and the songs too are better for it.”



Tickets for Friday night’s gig can be found via www.holyholymusic.com/live/

You can buy The Pacific EP here.