Four New Releases From BT

Four releases, all of which are debut’s for all four artists,

and all of which are available for free download.

Click away:

Texture Like Sun – Bottle (Single)

Hiatus Kaiyote – Lace Skull (Single)

Joshua T – Heart Beating (Single)

Axolotl – Garden Lane (Single)



Texture Like Sun


Blank Tape managed artist Texture Like Sun have finally released the much anticipated “Bottle” from the upcoming record due out early 2012.



Hiatus Kaiyote

New Blank Tape collaborator, Hiatus Kaiyote‘s debut single LACE SKULL was made available on Tuesday 4th October. The song, recorded and mixed at Oakland Studios by King Charlie (The Red Eyes) is a significant debut and showcases the breadth of the bands expertise as musicians and attention to detail in complex arrangements.



Joshua T

Joshua T‘s new track Heart Beating is the product of a unique collaboration with Blank Tapeand the Berlin-based, Melbourne-born songwriter and musical enigma. Heart Beating is a tactile, heaving electronic anthem; a fearless blend of pulsating and sampled beats, low-res bleeps and hand claps that groove in tandem with its epic delivery of journeying to the brink of life, and back again.




Melbourne outfit AXOLOTL release their highly anticipated debutant single “Garden Lane”. Lush instrumentation, an enticingly meandering melody, and 60′s inspired production have been fused together effortlessly by producer and arranger Dustin McLean (TZU, Joelistics, Bobby Flynn) and polished in the mix room by John Castle (The Bamboos, Washington, Cat Empire, Lior and The Drones).




Harmless – Here’s The Girl (Single)

Kate Vigo – Wanna Run (Single



Harmless – Deliver, Single – Early October

Whitesploitation – Album – October

Jo Schornikow – Single – October, Record March 2012





15th Oct – Northcote Social Club w/ The Red Eyes

Tuesdays in October @ The Evelyn Hotel

NYE – Woodford Folk Festival


3rd of November – Sophie Koh Support – The NSC


18th Oct – The Evelyn w/ Hiatus Kaiyote


20th of Oct – Wangaratta Jazz Festival

Thursdays in February – Bennetts Lane


2nd Dec – The Wesley Anne