Gian Slater At The Malthouse

‘Us and Others’  was a very exciting performance for me to see and was the first time I was seeing her choir live. I have always been a big fan of Gian Slater’s work and have endlessly listened to Andrea Keller’s ‘Angels & Rascals’ album, which Gian is featured on. Gian wrote the composition for the colaboration that consisted of the Invenio Choir and Speak Percussion, 18 singers and 4 percussionists.  I have to say that I thought the groups performance of her work was flawless and I was completely drawn in for the entire show.The show began with a beautiful percussion introduction, followed by the Invenio choir  entering the stage into four cells, and into the yoga pose, child’s position. The first chord sung blew me away.  I’ve never heard nor seen a choir sing from that position, it created an out of the room sound that I will never forget. The uniqueness of Gian’s vocal writing style was sung to perfection by the Invenio Choir, it was surreal to hear 18 singers replicate her vocal techniques, have her annunciation, her diction and even her glissando techniques were perfectly replicated.

The Malthouse Theatre was the perfect intimate venue, compared to your average loud pub or too big concert hall. The theatre created a world within the space that made you focus solely on the performance, which I would like to see a lot more of! It was a fantastic collaboration of unique vocal and percussion techniques. Wordless singing is an incredible thing to hear at length, at times it drew me into a beautiful lulled state of mind. Gian is doing innovative things for the modern day chorister and percussionist in this composition and it was thrilling to see the piece performed live.Very excited to hear the next project Gian!

– Simon Mavin



Old Friends by Invenio