Husky Q&A

Melbourne’s music scene is buzzing with excitement for one of the most anticipated release in OZ this year. Husky’s debut record “Forever So” (pre-order here) comes out 21st of October released nationally through Liberation records. Husky hit the road for a national tour in November and will also play Peats Ridge Festival and St Jerome’s Laneway Festival (Bris/Syd/Melb).


Blank Tape has had a long relationship with Husky and have been privileged enough to watch the hard work pay off.

Vocalist Husky Gawenda took some time out to answer our Q & A.


1. You took the tracks to the USA to mix, what was behind the decision to take it there?

We knew Noah Georgeson’s work from a couple of albums he’d worked on that we owned. We loved his sound and thought it was perfect for our record. We’d spent the best part of a year in our little bungalow in my back garden working on the record so it felt like a good idea to get outside that space to finish off the record. We felt we needed a different context and perspective. LA was about as different as you could get from our little ramshackle bungalow and Noah was even better than we hoped.


2. Were you present for the mix process? Why did you choose Noah Georgeson and how was that as an experience?

Gideon and I were there for the mixing. Noah spent the first half of each day mixing each song while Gideon and I drove our rent a wreck around LA. Then we’d return and spend the evenings working on the mixes with Noah. He’s a great musician and engineer and a true gentleman. He is primarily a musician, but with great technical skills. This means that he hears things from a musical perspective and not a technical perspective. I think that’s one of the things that makes him so great.


3. Are you originally from Melbourne? And how does Melbourne influence your music and the way you write?

I was born in London but only by chance. I’ve spent most of my life in Melbourne. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how Melbourne has influenced my writing, but the city you live in has to influence your writing and indeed the person you are. It’s not the most buzzing city in the world. But there is a lot of art and culture and life to be found hiding beneath the relaxed atmosphere.


4. You toured with John Butler Trio in May, has JB influenced you at all aside from music?

He and his crew are very gracious, inspired and honest people. But ambitious too. And those things don’t often go together. It’s nice to see that you can be driven and successful but still keep your feet on the ground and keep things in perspective.


5. I hear JB spotted you at the seed. How was the conference?

Yes. The conference was amazing. I met a lot of great people there who I still keep in touch with, all over the country. The Seed has done so much for the up and coming Australian music community.


6. Is there a release date locked in? How is the record being received in the industry?

The release is October 21. So far the reception has been extremely positive. We couldn’t ask for more.


7. Your clip for History’s Door is beautifully shot. Who shot it and can you explain the clip shooting process for it?

It was shot by a guy called Christopher Lee Miles in the middle of the night. We just played the song a bunch of times while he filmed us from all sorts of angles. He set up the lighting beautifully which gives it a soft, warm, dreamy feel. Suits the song, i think.


8. Your record is out 21st of October, what can we expect?

Well, what I hope is that people connect with it, that it transports people. The albums I love do that for me. But you can’t expect something like that. It’s always a great surprise when it happens.


9. What would advice would you give to people trying to tackle the local market for the 1st time?

Hmmm. I don’t think I’m qualified to give advice. The only thing I’m sure of is, if you make music that you’re proud of, then you will be proud of it. I think it’s important to believe in what you do. I have no recipy for success or anything like that, but I’ll get back to you if I ever work that one out.


10. 3 fave local records?

Kick – INXS, Eternal Nightcap – Whitlams, The Bottom of the Lake – TinPan Orange.


11. 3 fave local venues?

East Brunswick Club, The Forum, The Corner




Husky - Dark Sea by Liberation Music (Aus)