Video Teaser & Release Announcement

BLANK TAPE MUSIC introduces TOTARA JACK – The new solo project of Cameron Deyell (Katie Noonan, Lior, Bertie Blackman) to release debut single “Supercolliders” and  EP “Rescue Flight” in 2013.

“…ooh my new favourite artist is Totara Jack. How exciting.” – SIA via Twitter


Over two years in New Delhi, Cameron Deyell wrote songs as a way to make sense of life in an intense and crazy mega-city. His textural guitar playing and ghostly vocals created a parallel world where he escaped from the modern Indian miracle. Taking the New Zealand nickname of his grandmother’s great-grandfather, he slowly became Totara Jack.

Producer Lachlan Carrick (Gotye, Lior) travelled to Delhi where he and Totara Jack collected harmoniums, toy keyboards and percussion. In his one room home studio, with Lachlan’s help, Totara Jack’s delicate tactile world took shape.

The final ingredient arrived in New Delhi in the form of Totara Jack’s long-time friend Laurenz Pike (PVT, Jack Ladder). Laurenz contributed his deep musicianship and great drumming, becoming the perfect counterbalance to Totara Jack’s expansive guitar and choker-gripped lyric. Totara Jack was ready.

With finishing touches back on familiar ground in Sydney and Melbourne, by February 2013 the first songs were being played on Triple J Unearthed. The debut EP, Rescue Flight is an expansive array of sound, from the insistent riff of the leading single Supercolliders, to the rolling loops of More Than Meteors and the title track itself, Rescue Flight. The haunting guitar and violin of the closing track Needle has been made into a teaser film clip.


“4/5 – Nailed it. The production on this never misses a step with supple textures and tweaks gracing the headphones.”

– Dave Ruby Howe, triple j

“4/5 – Wow, this is so beautiful and reverential. That violin cuts a swathe through my heart.”

– Dom Alessio, triple j






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