Jo Schornikow ‘Bird’s Nest’ – Out Now

First Single “Bird’s Nest” now available (free)

Debut Album – “First Time, Long Time” out 22nd of March 2011


‘Her songs were charming, travelling lyrics for the experience bound’ –

‘Talented motherfucker’ – Megan Washington.

Schornikow releases her debut single “Bird’s Nest” and her debut solo record “First Time, Long Time” on the 22nd of March 2012. Having supported artists such as Moby, Washington, King Creosote, M.Ward & Deertick, with The Shivers, Schornikow heads out on her own.

First single, “Bird’s Nest” was written in London but recorded in a Melbourne church to tape with Lawrence Folvig (Ainsley Wills) and Tom Raysmith. It was recorded by friend and co-producer Shane Bryon & Matthew Adair. The title of the single is apt to the story behind its creation; whilst on tour her friend got called out at a party for having hair that looked like a bird’s nest.

Described by the Scotsman as ‘Effervescent’, Schornikow’s music consists of guitars strumming to the fibres of travelogues and anecdotes. It’s made with friends in churches and bedrooms in Melbourne and New York. It’s eclectic, a sum of parts and experiences. There are bits of soul, folk, rock, pop. It’s not cohesive necessarily – that’s not the point – but there’s a timeless quality to it, like the music she loves most.

Rewind to 2008, Schornikow moved to NYC to join The Shivers. The band continue to build their cult following, helped in 2011 by steady US & UK touring, an appearance on BBC Radio 1 and an MTV ‘O’ award nomination (only to lose to Marilyn Manson for not showing enough ass). Before ever having sang or written a ‘real’ song (her words) this Melbournian artist was a jazz pianist, performing solo for then PM John Howard and accompanying Hugh Jackman, James Morrison and Darryl Somers, amongst other things. Jo also contributed 3 songs and appeared in the 2009 Joe Swanberg/Noah Baumbach (Squid & The Whale/Royal Tenenbaums) film ‘Alexander The Last‘.

But now Schornikow breaks through from the background to the foreground, evolving from her role as sideman with The Shivers (NYC), Kelli Scarr (Moby) & Jack Howard (Hunters & Collectors). She has worked quietly on her own songs and finished something, a record, that’s unlike anything she’s made before.

It’s called First Time, Long Time. In U.S. sports talk radio, it means ‘first time caller, long time listener’; the phrase is used by a caller who wishes to enter into a discussion respectfully. It’s singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jo Schornikow’s solo debut.

Launch @ The Grace Darling on Thursday the 12th of April 2012

w/ Texture Like Sun & Ainsley Wills

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