Blank Tape affiliate, Kate Vigo, will be launching her single ‘You’re Haunting Me’ this Saturday 9th of July at the Northcote Social Club. With supports from Hoy (formely Houlette) and The Commas (Blank Tape managed artist) the evening boasts a collection of talented Melbourne based musicians.

‘You’re Haunting Me’ is the first single from Melbourne chanteuse/pop temptress Kate Vigo’s forthcoming self-titled album. The track, musically reminiscent of the last bacchanalian days of 70’s disco, heralds a darkness behind its glittering keyboard melodies and Vigo’s bright yet plaintive vocals. ‘You’re Haunting Me’ details the battle to overcome the clutches of obsession from the depths of dreams between its sanguine beats. The track is accompanied by a stunning film clip utilising the talents of designer and projection artist Chris More, Director of Photography Katie Milwright and Director Kess Broekman-Dattner, which will also been screened on the night.

Informed by such disparate artists as The Cure, Madonna and Technotronic, ‘You’re Haunting Me’ is a sublime piece of pop pastiche. Recorded by Vigo and her bandmates, Dan MacDonald and Max Walker alongside Jackson Jackson production whizz Jan Skubiszewski, ‘You’re Haunting Me’ is perhaps a keyhole glance at the album to follow. As Vigo explained, despite the inherent difficulties, this genre disconnect was integral to the creation of the album. “I don’t like to limit myself to one style, each song just comes out and is what it is,” explains Vigo. “This was the challenge for Jan, to bring all the songs out in their own right as well as making a coherent album.  At the end it all tied together and I think Jan has done the most amazing job.  I couldn’t be more happy with it.”

Vigo and her cohorts will launch ‘You’re Haunting Me’ at Northcote Social Club on July 9 before releasing her self-titled album this September through The Planet Company/MGM.



You re Haunting Me by showoffservices