Kira Puru & the Bruise – Q&A

By: Nicholas Killalea

Having spent most of 2012 in hiding Kira Puru & the Bruise have been busy writing the latest chapter of their sullen and sweaty breed of rock.

Described by Lanie Lane as “an absolute powerhouse” and Sydney’s Brag street press as a “…slice of badass”  KP & the Bruise are preparing for the Big Sound Showcase by hitting the road and showing the East coast what they’ve sorely been missing.

Nicholas Killalea recently caught up with Kira Puru & the Bruise to see how this new chapter is coming along, how they’ve tackled the music biz and what we can expect with their new material.

1. Who are Kira Puru & The Bruise?

For a long time we were just a bunch of nerds playing music. I was the kind of nerd that once cut my hair to look like a Vulcan, Jamieson could list the entire Radiohead catalogue in alphabetical order from memory, and Geordie could build you a cottage from scratch. We got together, kind of by accident and became so co-dependant that we now all live together and go on road trips in the off season, just for fun. Now, we’re insatiably ambitious and have developed a collective musicality that I’m, personally, quite proud of. We’ve been locked away, working on our next release and it’s bringing out some tracks that’d probably reflect how far we’ve come since the early days. We like drinking and babes.

2. You managed a nice east coast tour through March on the back of your new single “When all your love is not enough”. How did you find it? How did the crowds react?

I used to whinge a lot about touring. But I fucking love it. If I spend longer than a week at home, I start going stupid. The March tour was awesome, we had the pleasure of taking The Preachers (Syd) and Black Water Fever (Bris) along with us, they’re both ripping bands in their own right, and it’s always an honour to share the stage with serious talent. Some cities are better to us than others. We’ve figured out, over time, that we don’t fare so well in towns that might herald Xavier Rudd and John Butler as the great musical minds of our time. Most other places we’ve been though, put on a hella good spread for us, and we get treated real nice. Special mentions to all the places that give us all the booze.

3. Describe what the writing and recording processes were like for your EP “The Liar”. 

The Liar was the result of us being really frustrated with our lack of recorded material. We threw some money together, jumped in the studio for two days with our friend, D.A Calf (The Institute, VIC) in Melbourne and bashed it out. We were listening to Abattoir Blues a lot and were keen on the idea of having something that was gritty and trashy and reflective of our live show. We then got Rick Will on board to mix it and within a few weeks, we had a few thousand of them jammed in the back of the band car. In retrospect, it seems like it was all pretty painless and easy….I do however, have a vague memory of being really drunk and possibly crying on the floor in the vocal booth, though.

4. With a new song out can we expect a new EP? Or maybe an album soon?

We have some killer new tracks on the burn. That’s about all I can say at this stage. You can expect something new within the next few months.

5. You’ve played the Woodford Folk Festival, FBi Social and a myriad of iconic Australian venues. What’s the next step for Kira Puru and The Bruise?

We have heaps of stuff planned for the next few months, including a tour with the Drunken Moon Festival, BIGSOUND 2012, a new release and a few other exciting things that we have to remain tight-lipped about right now. This summer is going to be a riot.

6. What have you learnt from the music business so far?

It’s a high stress industry and it often feels like a hard slog. You work full time hours, ripping your hair out trying to get people to like your page or buy tickets to your show. You just have to relax, go with your gut and believe that your choices are the right ones. I try and keep that in the forefront of my mind and forget all of the other shit I’ve learnt about the music business, in hopes that I won’t end up an old, jaded asshole.

7. Having played the east coast pretty extensively has any city taken you off guard or stolen your heart?

Armidale was a real dark horse, Katoomba has always been extremely good to us, our craziest fans live in Brisbane and we get laid the most in Melbourne.

8. Critics mention the big names of Nina Simone and Etta James when talking about your music. Who else inspires Kira Puru & the Bruise?


The Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, Leornard Cohen, Dangermouse, Grizzly Bear, Jeff Buckley, Portishead, Nick Cave, Jonny Greenwood, Elliott Smith, Kanye, Gnarls Barkley, The Doors, Amy Winehouse, Josh Homme, Angelo Badalamenti, Battles, Jack White, At the Drive In, Lana Del Rey, The National, Trent Reznor, Outkast….it depends on what mood we’re in.


9. You’re supporting Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes at the Toff in Town in August, what can we expect from you guys? Any surprises?


Some new songs, amongst other things. We’re being secretive at this point. Who knows what colour my hair will be by then.


10. What’s on the stereo at the moment for Kira Puru and the Bruise?


We’re all obsessed with Lana Del Rey. I’ve listened to the new Frank Ocean record, Channel Orange, four times today and I haven’t even started drinking yet. I’ve rediscovered Lovage, rekindled my love for Mike Patton and am crazy for Big L’s freestyles. On rainy days I go into a post-punk coma and listen to way too much Elliott Smith, Low, Slint & Slowdive. Jamieson has a huuuuuuge crush on Annie Erin Clark of St Vincent fame and has been sinking his teeth into the new Beach House. Geordie has been spinning up some Fionn Regan and Bill Callahan out in his bush shack. As for new/local stuff, we’re all frothing over Ballads and Ainslie Wills.


11. Top three Melbourne artists?


You’re cruel for making us choose. Well, Ballads & Ainslie are from Melbourne, but we’ve already name-dropped them so they are freebies. Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes are all total babes with too much talent, Mojo Juju is a born lyricist and Jordie Lane has such a beautiful voice and I’m going to break the rules and slide in two more: Kristina Miltiadou and Courtney Barnett.


12. Favourite Melbourne bar? and drink to have there? 


The Old Bar. Double Jameson. Neat.