Local watch: Eden Mulholland



Written by Alana Mazurke



I’ve recently been fortunate enough to be able to sit down and delve into the in brain of Eden Mulholland for an in depth look into all things art, the life of a musician making it in Melbourne, contemporary dance and creating music. There was talk about the ashes but in all honesty no Kiwi and Aussie should have that talk as civilised as we both did so I’ll bypass that information for now. As someone who had first heard Eden via the triple J unearthed page a while back now and was literally slapped in the face with the incredible, ethereal yet in punchy sound that was Eden Mulholland’s ridiculously talented voice; I am somewhat advocate for Eden’s music.

After coming off his previous success via New Zealand outfit Motocade, who are preparing themselves for an album release in the near future; the change came at seemingly the perfect time in his career; moving to Melbourne to begin his own solo career where admittedly, he is more than happy being the one calling the shots and having the only say. Understandably doing it your own way can be rewarding yet surely overwhelming as this guy does it all. He has filmed and directed over five of his own film clips, recorded nearly all aspects of up and coming debut album Feed The Beast. Upon asking the meaning behind the title I was taken aback to hear that basically there is no meaning other than a string of words that work well together. Here is me thinking it’s some kind of sexual connotation, which goes to show that I may have some issues that need to get sorted out hah.

Eden makes references to Bill Bryson, Wim Wenders as influences as well as contemporary dance; an extremely affluential aspect in his knowledge of music and crossing the two paths between music and lyricism together beautifully as really, everything has time and meaning and it’s not often you’ll find an artist who can construe a story to music as effortlessly and significantly as Eden does.  When talking you do get an extreme sense of love and adulation for all things music. He states that he will be doing music always and forever; when writing music there isn’t much thought to it other than that.

Upon asking the meanings behind his songs and what influences him most I recall to a statement which I wouldn’t forget; that everything is everything and nothing has to be a reason to do something. When there’s a song there, it becomes a song. Universal truths, influences, however important they may be, don’t necessarily incorporate themselves into the decision processes of creating music. This guy was eclectic to say the least and yet not at all cynical in the way cynicism is perceived. He was to the point and yet completely and utterly vague at the same time. Admittedly it was difficult getting a straight answer but that’s what was cool about it; it led onto so much more than a yes or no answer.

You may have recently heard latest single ‘I Will Echo’ being played on Triple J as it has been receiving some pretty decent air time lately. It is easily one of the catchiest indie pop tunes released this year. New album Feel The Beat featuring 11 new tracks will be released in June this year, second to his first release; EP Jesus Dont You Get My Jokes. Eden will be performing at one of his most favoured venues The Grace Darling April 19th for his launch. Be sure not to miss it.