Melbourne Zoo Twilights: Clairy Browne



By Alana Mazurke

Clairy Brown & The Bangin Rackettes

Coming off the back of some rather incessant touring, nine piece power group Clairy Browne and The Bangin’ Rackettes are rounding out the season with their last show this Friday evening. The 2014 Melbourne Zoo Twilight program are hosting a series of outdoor spectacles with Clairy being one of them. She took some time to talk about live shows, new music and all things bangin’.

I definately prefer the more intimate headline shows to festivals. It seems nowadays festivals are becoming over run with young people there for all the wrong reasons…Playing Meredith was great; it’s fortunate that it’s been able to maintain that independence and vibe this whole time.”

The first time I saw Clairy Browne and The Bangin’ Rackettes was in support of one Charles Bradley at the Barrio Festival in 2012. I was so completely mesmerized by the whole night I’d rather let Clairy explain what her live show entails. “It’s a unique blend of sound and style – old school contemporary rock and roll, R’n’B and soul. You have your sirens singing back up vocals whilst performing finely tuned choreography, you’ve got the old school jazz sounds from the horns section and a strong female lead vocalist; it’s as much about the aesthetics of the whole performance as it is the music and it always has been.”

The participation of both performers and punters at a live show is entertaining to say the least. Watching people transform from slight, dull dance moves to letting everything go and  allowing themselves to be free to the music in the space of about two minutes is so wonderful. “We’re unapolagetically sexy, that’s for sure. It’s a participating experience; I love watching people let go to the whole nostalgia of the rock and roll vibe.”

2011 saw the release of their first album Baby Caught The Bus which received well earned adulation, however, the past year has seen the album soar with a re-release in 2013 after signing with the acclaimed US label Vanguard records. Hopefully the wait for the new album wont be long with the release date set for this year. “Writing on tour is a myth! Bands that say that are just making it up or have small moments where something comes through, otherwise it just doesn’t exist. We’ve just recorded almost the entire album in Nashville with Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes); during our break we plan on finishing and doing final recordings.”

Playing what will be their last show in Melbourne for some time at the Zoo Twilight series this Friday the 7th, it will undoubtedly once again be a Clairy Browne bangin’ affair with her fellow Rackettes. “It’s one of those nights where a lot of great artists get involved in the lineup which adds to the already booming music scene here in Melbourne. It’s going to be fun!”

You’d be a fool to miss this show and with tickets scarce but still available there’s no excuse not to go. As Clairy would say “Big hair. Big love.”

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