Oscar has been working in the music scene in Melbourne since he moved back from Chile in 2001 looking to make music his life. Since finishing his studies NMIT in music performance in 2003, he has collaborated with many artists making music from a wide gamma of musical styles. A great part of his work has been within the world music scene, where engaging with styles from Europe and Africa to the Americas, this is where he draws much inspiration for musical concepts and ideas. 2009 marks his first producer credits for Melbourne based singer Olivia de Sousa for her album “Coming Home”. Featuring five Portuguese Fado tracks recorded, mixed and played by Oscar. One track featured on Portuguese television on “Sem Fronteiras” introduced by Carlos Alberto Moniz.



Oscar continues to work in his Brunswick based studio The Kitchen Studio with contemporary bands making new exiting music, film and television projects, recording, mixing and producing and band management with Blank Tape Music. He is skilled on a diverse range of instruments, although his main expertise is the guitar; where he has studied under some of Melbourne’s 
finest guitarists. Oscar has also taken lessons with the legendary Cuban Tres player Jose ‘Maracaibo’ Castañeda who played for the most influential singer of Cuba, Benny More.

As guitarist, percussionist and singer Oscar has played in major Australian festivals including Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival, Womadelaide, Woodford Folk Festival, Wangaratta Jazz Festival and the Melbourne International Jazz Festival. He has toured playing festivals in Europe and the Pacific Islands. In 2012 Oscar’s band San Lazaro won an award for the best Australian Latin band in the national band competition Clave Contra Clave, where they presented a full set of original compositions. The band received recognition for their contribution to originality in the Australian world music scene in the book.

“World Music, Global sounds in Australia” Published in 2010.

Oscar continues to play various guitar styles, sing and percussion as a session player or as full time member of various Melbourne acts.

All artists include:

Dreamcoat – San Lazaro – The Quarter St Orchestra – Mirando – Funkalleros – De La Calle – Alma Mater – Paul Carey and Julian Sheffer – Kunataki – Kekoson – Tony Montuno – Son3 – Olivia de Sousa – Duo Agogo – Carlitos Way – Carlos Ferriera – Tumbarrumba – Melbourne Samba School – Baker Boys – Simon Hudson Band – The Qualye Project – Cariño Son.