PHOTO REVIEW: Charles Bradley

Words: Alana Mazurke


Charismatic crooner Charles Bradley proved once again that he was born to perform, displaying effortlessly an array of vocal capabilities, pelvis thrusts and authentic gratification. As he went on to re-iterate at several points of time during his Melbourne Zoo Twilight performance, he loved Australia. And we love him; one wail reminiscent of the late James Brown would instantly make the crowd burst with commendation.


Incorporating funk, soul, R’n’B and Jazz with the help of his ridiculously talented six piece live band, the US singer showcased a fine set of both his debut album No Time For Dreaming and sophomore Victim Of Love with single “The World (Going Up In Flames) a standout for the evening. With each show comes more deserved recognition from the once struggling small time musician. There’s a lot of love in his shows, bringing down to earth the ideals of one humbled man and his blessed voice. From the achingly beautiful tones of “Victim Of Love” to the bobby “You Put The Flames On It” , the night was once again a massive success meaning the mixed aesthetics of outdoor setting and bedazzled denim jackets/wildlife and sequined pants – makes magic.