PHOTOS & Q&A: Twin Beasts @ The Northcote Social Club – 26-10-2013

Steve from Twin Beasts has a chat after their NSC show!


The question everyone’s asking – why the name-change?

After we completed the new album we were discussing future release and tour plans. We found out that the word ‘Toot’ was being lost in translation. In a number of countries the word was widely being interpreted as ‘fart’. It was actually the first thing people thought of when they heard the word ‘toot’. Despite this being pretty funny, we decided that it would be best for us to move on with a new name.



What has been the most stand-out moment in you as a band so far?

Playing Meredith was pretty great, it’s a festival that we love and attend regularly so it was a real buzz to play to that many people and watch bands we admire like Primal Scream from side of stage. Working with Burke Reid on the new record was also a special experience. He really turned the way that we write songs upside down, and for the better I think.


Your debut album Outlaws was commended for its unique Western story-telling style. What was the inspiration behind this vengeance tale? Can we expect another concept album in the future?

‘Outlaws’ was inspired mostly by Western movies and series that we enjoy, like Deadwood, True Grit, Eastwood films and the Ennio Morricone soundtracks that accompany a lot of them. Our forthcoming album ‘Badlove’ doesn’t follow a single narrative as ‘Outlaws’ does, but all songs branch off from one theme, so in a way it’s also a concept record. We may or may not write another album with a single narrative, if we have a great story I’m sure we will.


What’s your take on the Melbourne music scene? Favourite 3 Melbourne artists?

We’ve got it real good in Melbourne and are really spoilt for choice any night of the week. So long as locals continue to embrace the local scene we imagine it’ll stay that way. At the moment we’re really enjoying Sagamore, Cherrywood and Grizzly Jim Lawrie.


What’s next for Twin Beasts?

We’re in the middle of a national tour at the moment and will be hitting up The Toff in Melbourne on November 16th as part of the Australasian World Music Expo. Our new album ‘Badlove’ will be out early next year.