PHOTOS: D.D Dumbo at The Workers Club


D.D Dumbo//The Workers Club//25.01.2014

By Alana Mazurke



 Opening act Sunbeam Sound Machine played to an ever increasing crowd, warming them up with a thought out, quite amicable set list. Though their sound is quite obviously influenced by multiple bands, I feel once this band hones in on one specific genre and works that into their own sound purposely, they will become one of Melbourne’s better live bands to watch for.

By the time D.D Dumbo AKA Oliver Hugh Perry came on stage the already smaller sized band room felt almost miniscule after all the punters had arrived to see the sold out performance. Showcasing the night as his 12” launch, the set featured a mesmerising display of a young musician’s talent, working individually with a splay of loop pedals, his guitar, snare drum and what I’m assuming to be a converted kick drum.  His capability to string together a multitude of rhythms, beats and vocal harmonies into one seamless track live is almost uncanny.

His five tracked self titled EP as well as some earlier recordings was on display, with singles Tropical Oceans, Crying and I Woke Up Covered In Sand the stand outs of the night particularly for myself as the crowd constantly lapped up the show from beginning to end.  Though having been fortunate enough to see Oliver at Meredith Music Festival, admittedly seeing him perform at a more intimate venue really is a different experience. More or less still as aesthetically enduring, yet the appreciation to his musicianship and talent as a live performer is definitely heightened.














Watch film clip for single Tropical Oceans below: