Q&A w/ Davey Lane || Duo-Monophonic Explorations Vol.1

Q&A BY: Jenna Samuel

Davey Lane‘s new single, “Davey Lane‘s Duo-Monophonic Explorations Vol.1“, is his first in a line of releases for 2015, and a conceptual world first.

The double A-side single contains I’ll Set U Free, a collaboration with King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard singer Stu Mackenzie, and The First Flung One To Crash, teaming up with Lane’s You Am I bandmateTim Rogers. Listen to it BELOW for the soundcloud player!


1. What were some of the influences when writing the album?

I could rattle off the usual musical influences, but I’m a big comedy fan and weirdly enough, guys like Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, or Larry David, or Marc Maron can influence my musical decisions as much as Billy Childish, Todd Rundgren or Jay Reatard do. Hell, even cooking can influence my music. It’s all some sort of stew innit? How it turns out just depends on the ingredients and ratios. And how much booze ya put in it.


2. Where did you get the idea of splitting the L & R channels the way you have and has it been done before?

I had the idea when my old band The Pictures went on tour with a band called The Vandas. We ended up covering each other’s songs for a split CD but I had hoped we would have been able to do something along the lines of what I’ve done with the Duo-Monophonic thing, that was probably about 10 years ago now, so I’ve been sitting on it for a while now.


3. The instrumentation is quite colourful and varied. Have you always looked beyond the regular realm when arranging and composing your music?

I’m always thinking of ways I can mix things up musically, I think possibly because I dress and have my hair cut a certain way folks tend to think I’m still mining Pete Townshend’s or Noel Gallagher’s back catalogue for inspiration….though I certainly used to – okay, I still do, to a point. I just now mine back catalogues that weren’t solely written by English guys who liked to talk a lot. I’ve also branched out to Americans in recent years.

(dry humour attempt alert)


4. What was it like joining such a successful band at such a young age?

I was doing fuckin’ backflips to be playing with a band I loved (and still love) so much, but the effect it had on me in retrospect rendered all that stuff sort of inconsequential. I learned a shitload more from being in You Am I than I learned from going to school. As an awkward 18 year old loner who had no idea how to do anything, being in a band and feeling like I was part of a gang taught me how to deal with the outside world. And it was the combination of human beings in that group that made such an impact on me. I’ll always love those 3 guys to the ends of the earth.


5. Can you tell us a little more about how you executed the duo-monophonic idea when writing and in the studio?

Tell ya what, there wasn’t really much spoken about it. I wrote the songs (in the case of the song with Tim, I wrote the music and he wrote the lyrics), and we didn’t really talk about how we’d split up the styles from channel to channel, the most painstaking part of the process was making sure everything was synched up, and that my vocal phrasing matched Stu’s or Tim’s.


6. What was your favourite part of the process of making the music?

Hearing back everything synched up properly. Phew…..and the couple of afternoons with Stu and Tim in the back room at my old house in Abbotsford.


7. Should we be looking forward to any more albums similar to this?>

I hope so. I’ve called it Volume 1 coz I wanna keep it open-ended…if I don’t end up losing too much money putting this one out I’ll keep the ball rolling. When only a small handful of people wanna listen to your music putting your shit out gets expensive! But that’s all cool, it keeps me striving to do stuff better than I did last time, I still feel like I’ve got a lot to prove. Not to get prematurely morbid, but I wanna leave behind a lot of good music for folks to dig up after I shuffle off to the next orbit, where I hope to be reincarnated as a pug. I have one of my own that I treasure and those cute little bastards have it real easy, let me tell ya.

8. Favourite Melbourne band, Venue, & Record Store?

Favourite Melbourne band is Sun God Replica. Link Meanie fronts this band and I’ve always thought of his songs as wonderfully twisted and bent. I wouldn’t know how to describe ’em, they’re scuzzy, sludgy and heavy, but they’re a true pop band to me. Pure Pop For Now People eh? Favourite venue is the Gasometer. It’s a great place to play and everyone who works there is a top human being. Favourite record store without a doubt is Basement Discs, it’s a great record store and no-one’s more supportive of local artists than they are.

9. Are you originally from Melbourne, and how do you think this city shapes you as an artist?

Yeah, I’m from Melbourne, from a suburb called Boronia. There ain’t much there for me now but memories (some great, some shit) and having my folks near there but I’d love to move back when I’m winding down in life. As long as my health and hearing holds up it’s a ways off yet…no matter wherever I travel in the world I’ve always felt at my most creative getting back home to Melbourne and picking up a guitar. I haven’t actually lived or gotten a chance to be truly creative anywhere else….but fuck it, Melbourne’s the best and if that’s the only option for me then that’s just fine! That’s as deep an answer as you’ll get from me I’m afraid. Now, who wants a brandy on the heel?