Rat & Co. Q&A

By Maddy Crehan
Joshua Delaney from Rat & Co. chats to us about how his “solo bedroom project turned into a band”.

1. How did Rat & Co. come together?
About 2 years ago, I was quite frustrated with my life and felt like the pressure of everything was a bit to much, so i basically locked myself away for 6 months in my house in Carlton and started writing songs.
I had no idea what anything would sound like, I had no specific direction, I just knew I wanted to make something that I could feel proud of. Two of the current band members, Johnny ( guitar ) and nick ( drums ) lived with me in Carlton  so they heard me constantly slaving away on the computer trying to find my sound and eventually they just asked to jam and that’s how the solo bedroom project turned into a band. Another 6 months passed and one of my oldest friends Kaia, who I have always had a very strong musical connection with, returned from his overseas travels and joined the band.
2. Which artists have been the most influential on your sound?
Boards of Canada, Sigur Ros, Mogwai, Aphex Twin, Brian Eno
3. What’s your take on the Melbourne music scene at the moment?
It’s a very vibrant scene for sure. At times I feel like there is a bit too much going on – to the point that I can’t quite grasp the entire Melbourne sound. But I am very proud to say I am from Australia, and Melbourne in particular because we definitely have a “sound” unlike any other in the world, and I feel like everywhere else is only just starting to realize this.
4. You’ve worked with some great great musicians such as Chet Faker, Red Berry Plum and Smile. What made you decide to begin a this new project?
I think I’ve always just had more ideas than I could fit into a couple of bands. In Rat & Co I generally try and step away from my usual role as a bass player, which I studied for a few years at uni and taught at high school, so that I can feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar with what ever instrument I am trying to fiddle around with at the time.
5. Describe the song-writing and recording process for the band.
Well nearly everyday ill write a couple of songs, then that night ill listen over them and decide which ones are worth working on further, and once I get to around 15 or so new tracks, I give the chosen songs to band for them to decide if they like them.
I would definitely say I write the core 90% of all the songs, but what I think really gets it over the line is the band pushing the songs to places where I would of never thought existed.
6. Who would be your ideal artist to perform with?
It would be hard to name just one… but I would probably say Boards of Canada as they are my absolute favorite band.
7. What has been the most memorable moment in your career so far?
Rat & Co being so new haven’t had that many amazing memorable moments in particular, but every time we go on tour, go to practice or just catch up for a drink something stupidly funny will be said or done by one of us.
It’s a really great band to be a part of.
8. What local Melbourne bands are you into at the moment?
I’lls, Japanese Wallpaper, Andreas Fox, Electric Sea Spider
9. What is your most favoured Melbourne venue?
I would say either the Sydney Myer Music Bowl, or Revolt.
10. What’s coming up next for Rat & Co. ?
Album 2 is well on its way, I have a solo beats ep coming out in the couple of months, a bi-monthly mixtape of material that inspires me and a few remixes for bands like Chet Faker, I’lls and few more. I like to think that ill be constantly releasing new material as Rat & Co for the rest of my life, be it as a band, dj edits, remixes or a solo beats project.