REVIEW: Devendra Banhart at The Prince Bandroom

By Alana Mazurke

As difficult as it is to review the live performance of a man who you so very much are in love with, without bias or precedence of judgement, my job of remainng in the middle was fortunately made tenfold easier as Devendra Banhart not only wooed myself, but every single person in the crowd.

Regardless of a slight sound problem in the first four songs, himself and his touring band took it all in stride. Not usually one for large use of banter, Banhart showcased his charisma, lyricism, front man abilities both with and without a guitar effortlessly throughout the night; often referring to the fact he should ‘probably stop talking now, but…’ and continued on his way before rushing into the song. It was definitely as captivating as it was humorous.



The set list was varied most songs short and sweet, coming from his latest release Mala but it was not short of favoured tracks ‘I Feel Just Like A Child’, ‘Baby’ and ‘Little Yellow Spider’ a track which I felt almost over indulged by hearing it live; I was on a whole new level of adoration.

What I loved most about the show was that it flowed so well, each song in continuation from the last maintaining similar pace or vibe. It wasn’t really until the encore in which he played a four song finale including crowd favourite ‘Carmensita’ that there was a real dancy vibe instilled. Watching a 40 year old man in front of me use his hips like he’s never used them before was entertaining in it’s own right, yet that was the effect Banhart maintained on the crowd.