REVIEW: FRACTURES at The Shadow Electric



By Alana Mazurke


Last Saturday night at the summer fit out that is The Shadow Electric, Mark Zito aka FRACTURES performed to a solid crowd showcasing the newly released self titled EP. The 8 track debut was released in July this year following the success of hit single ‘Won’t Win’. Warming up the crowd were youngsters Lanks who provided a fitting start to the show but were noticeably lacking in stage experience which will come with time, but unfortunately showed through the lack of interest from the crowd. In saying that, going by crowds these days aren’t exactly tell all signs of what’s good and what isn’t especially, when people would rather start talking about their days when the music starts rather than (the less abnormal way) during the breaks.


Opening with what lead singer Mark Zito phrased as “a sexy number” the band delved straight into the set. Admirable lighting work by whoever was on shift that night – it’s always that little bit nicer to see the lights actually coincide with the music. Zito along with fellow four piece band were tight throughout the show; most notably with the effort of having a live bass guitar not being overshadowed by an electronic synthesizer and rather harmonizing perfectly.

Performing two new tracks on the night as well as songs from the EP the set was a mixed bag. At one stage the band performed a song with live instruments only and no use of synth at all claiming to be what Zito referred to as “a real band” yet unfortunately for them it still sounded pretty much exactly like all the other songs from the set. Synth and all. However, the performance did showcase the significance of using multiple genres at once which FRACTURES does emulate well on the EP and with a change of sequence in songs during live sets could perhaps become on par with the recordings. Highlights for the night were certainly the songs from the EP which included tracks ‘Cadence’, ‘Ghost’ and ofcourse ‘Won’t Win’ which was an obvious favourite for the hundred or so crowd. It was a perfect show to have at The Shadow Electric in the Abbotsford Convent; almost as if you were trespassing on someones little dug out they’d made for themselves which thankfully happened to include a fully stocked bar. The overall night worked well for FRACTURES, it was definitely a solid event and I look forward to hearing those new tracks again.


Buy the new EP here.


Listen to single ‘Won’t Win’ below.