REVIEW: Paul Kelly at Melbourne Zoo Twilights


By Alana Mazurke


It’s crazy to think he’d just performed the exact same show the night before yet with all the energy and charisma Paul Kelly was in form one hundred percent last night. The Melbourne Zoo Twilight festival caters for all ages, all music types and everything in between putting on live shows over the summer months in the aesthetically admiring Melbourne Zoo complex and this year Paul Kelly’s second sold out show on Sunday the 8th of Feb was no exception.




Joining the singer/songwriter on stage for the Merri Soul session event was the legendary Clairy Browne, Kira Puru and the lovely surprise of Dan Sultan. Even with all these incredible additions to the stage there’s no taking away from the bold, thunderous and soulful duo in backup singers Vika and Linda Bull. The show’s set came from the highly anticipated new album from Paul Kelly titled The Merri Soul Sessions; a collection of the performers songs recorded live in studio with all of the mentioned guests above which was released December last year to much adoration through Gawdaggie Records.

A highlight for the evening was the sultry songstress Clairy Browne who returned to the stage to take charge of album track ‘Keep On Coming Back For More’. Her execution was flawless bringing the large crowd into the vibe more so and setting a solid tone of the vocal abilities we were all about to bare witness to. ‘I Don’t Know What I’d Do’ sung by local lady Kira Puru again showcased her stunning voice which I hope really kicks people into gear for checking this young talent out and getting behind her. It was obvious – perhaps from the shrill of nearly all of the women there whenever he came into view, that Dan Sultan was certainly a crowd favourite. His rendition of ‘Don’t Let a Good Thing Go’ was nothing but a good time and I was surprised at how much I had underestimated his knack and talent for playing the guitar.

With classics like ‘Gravy’, ‘Smells Like Rain’ and the couples favourite ‘Thankyou’; Kelly proved age has no matter in music. His live show maintained a level of seamless execution, a surplus of adulation for the Australian favourite and no lack of witty and perfect amount of necessary banter for the fans. Finishing the night with everyone back in front view on stage the group sang ‘Hasn’t It Rained’ to punters on their feet enjoying the night. Personal favourite and was the perfect last but not least moment, Paul Kelly whipped out the revered and loved ‘Dumb Things’ which even without The Coloured Girls.  Another success for the wonderful Melbourne Zoo Twilights Festival indeed!


NOTE: Dan Sultan has been rescheduled to Thursday 5 March 2015. Current ticket holders can simply present their existing tickets for the new show in March.


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