Sarah McLeod Q&A

The Superjesus; a band that formed roughly two decades ago have reunited after a long hauled hiatus to fans delight. The rectification was caused by what was meant to be a simple one off show in their local hometown of Adelaide, however, shortly after the four piece announced they would again embark touring the nation aptly named as The Resurrection Tour. The well known lead singer of the band Sarah McLeod answered my inquiries not only on the decision processes of late but throughout her lengthy career in the Australian music industry.  

You played in Adelaide for what was originally believed to be a one off show which quickly changed after an extremely pleasing response from fans. Was this a sort of perceived reaction from the band or did it come as a surprise?

It came as a huge surprise, retrospect does funny things to your perception, and even we found ourselves loving the band more than we did back then!

Just how long after that gig did it take for a decision to be made that The Superjesus would in fact tour Australia again? Is this the beginning of another era for the band; any thoughts on creating new material?

We have decided to not talk about it until the end of the tour as not to freak anyone out, we all have a lot of stuff going on in our lives outside of the band and a future together would be no more than a matter of logistics. The motivation is definitely there.

How hard was the initial decision to stop touring? I feel there would be a certain level of boredom ascertained during the first few months of the break; how did you cope with not playing live music?

We all jumped into different projects pretty much straight away; there really wasn’t any downtime at all!

You’ll be playing two shows at The Gershwin Room at The Espy; where was the first venue The Superjesus played in Melbourne? Is there a show played in Melbourne by yourself that is more notable than any other?

 I think it was a support slot with Shihad at The Corner Hotel, I think our first headline show was at The Punters Club?

 You’re single ‘Down Again’ was featured on Vol. 5 of Triple J’s hottest 100 CD in ’97. How much did that help your band at the time; do you think young emerging Australian bands today have the same exposure or avenues to promote their music? I feel there are almost too many bands (no complaints) out today – were there the same amount of people picking up instruments and putting their music out there?

Triple J was GOD back then; it made it a lot easier to get to the masses in one foul swoop. If they played you then you were in. That power, whilst still prevalent, has been diluted somewhat today by them playing lots of bands on less rotation.

When you listen to the radio today whether it is Triple J or other local stations was is your initial reaction to the state of Australian music today? Especially when comparing the hottest 100 of 97 to this year’s countdown?

I wouldn’t say that the quality has dropped; it’s just that tastes have changed. No one seems to write huge power punched rock songs with big chorus anymore, it’s more of a hipster vibe and the production seems more stripped back.

What is your take on the local live music scene in Australia? I too am from Adelaide and making the move to Melbourne has made it a lot more easy to see live bands as often Adelaide wouldn’t be looked at. Not to mention there are a greater amount of people attending shows here than what I had seen back home; did you or do you notice any vast differences in audiences or people attending the shows throughout Australia – be it your own or other bands you know of?

It seems hit and miss, I can’t really find a pattern, you never know what you’re going to get!

What can fans of old and new expect to see at one of your shows for the resurrection tour of The Superjesus? What is the most important outcome for the band once the tour is completed?

This tour is a greatest hits package delivered with a genuine enthusiasm that comes with 10 years off. There’s nothing tired about this show, we are all very excited to be there and it feels so new again. The band have all become better players and performers since we played last, it’s quite exciting. The main goal for us with this tour was too see if the public are interested in us and if we were interested in us as well. It seems it’s a big green light on both those things…