Seth Sentry Q&A


Written By Alana Mazurke




About to embark on a solid Australian tour after returning from making more than an impressionable mark at SXSW by winning the chance of opening for the likes of LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Ice Cube and Doug E that will be streamed via Fuse TV; Seth Sentry will debut his latest single ‘Dear Science’ to audiences in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, even Geraldtown kicking off in May. Seth took some time out while over in the US to answer a couple questions for me. The official film clip for new track ‘Dear Science’ is below displaying a fairly unique spin on the term geek. Seth will be playing in Melbourne for an all ages show on the 17th of May at The Forum and an over 18’s show the next night at Ding Dong lounge.


You started out just under a decade ago with group D.S.O.L. How do you feel, working within the Australian music scene, Australian hip hop has fared as a genre? Do you feel publicly, there has been an increase of adulation to the sort or more of an opposite effect?

Oh the growth has just been massive. In the last 10 years or so it’s just boomed. From my point of view, it’s in a really healthy place right now. So many different styles & artist unafraid to do their own thing. Love it.

What’s your favourite thing about working within the Australian music industry?

The fact I get to turn a passion into an occupation.

You run your own record label ‘High Score Records’. Do you have any up and coming artists that you are currently working with or are you primarily focused on your own workings?

Man, that’s definitely something I would be interested in doing later down the track. For now I’m just trying to focus on this first release. But I’m really happy with how things have gone.

You’ve toured and worked with other Australian hip hop artists such as Pez, Horrorshow and 360. Are there any other Australian artists you’d love to work with, not necessarily within the Australian hip hop collective?

Would love to work with Drapht one day, always been a massive fan of his style. One of the best lyricists in in the country.

You’re about to embark on a tour in North America. Have you previously traveled to America? What is the feedback like to Australian hip hop with overseas touring?

Man it’s been awesome! It’s been such a buzz coming & playing places like New York & having people still seem to connect with the music. I was definitely worried about how it would go over but I’ve really really enjoyed the whole experience.

This year you will be commencing the Dear Science tour starting in May to promote the single ‘Dear Science’ off of your debut album This Was Tomorrow. You’ve chosen acts Tuka and Ellesquire as your supports. Have you worked with said artists before?

I first met Tuka at a festival called Come Together & was blown away by the way he carried himself on stage, super entertaining to watch. He’s had a great year. Ellesquire I met at Brisbane’s Big sound & we actually ended up free styling together on stage. I’m a big fan of that dude, super super talented. This tours gonna be so sick.

I’ve noticed there is only one under 18’s show available on your Dear Science tour; that being in Melbourne. Do you feel you have a higher fan base in Melbourne than in other states when it comes to a broader age group?

Actually Adelaide is an all ages show but you know, I guess it’s just because Melbourne is my home town. I guess for selfish reasons my whole family is from Melbourne so I thought it would be dope if they could all come & see what I do. Plus I get hit up a lot on Facebook from parents asking about underage shows so I guess it’s a way of testing the waters.

What can fans expect to see of Seth Sentry after the completion of the Dear Science tour? Will there be a new album or will you continue to tour?

After this tour I’d say there’s still a bunch more touring for the rest of the year. Plus we just scored this LL Cool J support in the US so I’m not really sure how many dates that consists of yet. But by early next year I hope to really be getting stuck into another album for sure.

I’ve noticed you’ve been on the bill for quite an extensive list of festivals. What is your take on playing festivals?

Love em, always have such a fun time playing festivals. Whether it’s just the opportunity to play to a bigger crowd or even just to catch up with a bunch of other musicians touring at the same time. Festivals are party time.

After receiving quite an admirable rotation on triple J specifically for your hit singles ‘The Waitress Song’, ‘My Scene’, ‘Float Away’ and most recently ‘Dear Science’; do you find it often that (in regards to festivals) punters have more enthusiasm for these tracks rather than other samples of your work? Is that still the case when playing headline shows or is there a notable difference?

Oh of course, people love hearing songs that they know. That’s just human nature. I think there’s a definite difference when it’s my own show. People often want to here something more obscure like an old mix tape track or an album track I never really play.