Teeth And Tongue (Jess Cornelius)

Jess Cornelius of Teeth And Tongue has continued on from her debut release “Moon Basic” (featuring BT faves “Stacey Come Over” and “There Is A Lightness To My Bones”) with another outstanding collection of songs on the new record “Tambourine”. Jess’ latest outing sees her pair up with Marc Regueiro-McKelvie to create a record that is sure to generate much excitement around the block. The record features elaborate and pensive ditties with a lot of attention paid to sonic and timbral diversity.


1. What is Teeth And Tongue and who is in it?

It’s kind of a solo project, but it’s slowly becoming more collaborative. At present it’s me on guitar, keys and drum machine, Marc Regueiro-Mckelvie on guitar, and Damian Sullivan on bass and percussion.

2. What was the collaborative process like during the making of the latest recording?

The recording and mixing process was fairly collaborative: there was a lot of discussion between Simon and I as to what each song should sound like. And Marc almost always writes his own parts once the general idea of the song is complete.

3. How have you progressed as an artist and singer since you released Monobasic in 2009?

I think I’ve become a little more in control; I have a stronger idea of what I want to produce musically now.

4. Who tracked, mix, mastered the record?

I tracked a fair bit of it in my home studio and in various places, we also recorded some real drums with Steve Masterson, and the rest was recorded in Simon Grounds’ home studio. Then we mixed it together at Simon’s place and he mastered the record too.

5. What track on the record best sums up Teeth & Tongue?

Perhaps Vaseline on the Lens. It’s quite metronomic and stripped back.

6. What is some of the key moves you made to take you to the next level of your career?

Hah. I don’t know that any of them were conscious. Probably the best thing was just that I took my time and tried to produce an album that I liked.

7. You collaborated with Lucy Dyson on your clips for the record. What is her background and what was that process like?

Lucy’s an old and very good friend of mine. We’d been talking about working together for ages but being in different continents didn’t help. We finally got to shoot some clips and it all happened quite quickly. She’s very on the ball, and has a lot of interesting ideas.

8. You hail from NZ, but have been in Melbourne for a while. How does this city shape your music?

It’s integral to it. I think the quality of artists here really keeps me on my toes. There’s always someone making much more interesting music!

9. You are currently on the road, where have you been and where are you going?

We’ve finished our east coast dates for the album launches, but we’re planning more tours for later in the year.

10. What else is on the Horizon?

A new record, eventually.




Teeth and Tongue - Unfamiliar Skirts by 00remotecontrol