The Trouble With Templeton Q&A


Written by Maddy Crehan


Currently in the middle of their national Rookie tour, Brisbane band The Trouble With Templeton are exploding with success and praise. Originally a solo act producing the mini-album “Bleeders”, the band later transformed into a 5-piece band in 2012 with  a unique new sound, releasing current album “Rookie”.  We chat to singer and songwriter Tom Calder about the band’s transformation and ambitions.


After achieving a lot of success with your solo work in the past, what made you decide to form a 5 piece band?

The quieter more introspective style of Bleeders is just one small aspect of the music I make. The more band oriented sound is actually more in tune with the majority of my writing so it was a very natural decision to expand the sound and members.

You’ve played at a number of festivals and events including Communion Music Night, Harvest Festival and Falls Festival, do you have a favourite?

Any time we get to do something special like the events mentioned above we’re super stoked. Falls Festival has been the biggest thing we’ve done so far in terms of scope so that holds a special place in our memory, but they’re all special in their own way.

Can you describe the writing and composition process for The Trouble With Templeton?

I’m constantly demoing and writing songs all the time so when it comes time to start thinking about a record or taking new songs to the band, I usually comb through the hundreds of voice memos and files on my computer, select the ones I’m most into at that time and show them to the guys. From there it all happens pretty naturally really, the songs that most fit us in style and the ones everyone is loving the most just naturally come to the surface and then the guys all add their parts and flavours to the tracks making them what they are!

As someone who has received a number of prestigious music awards including APRA PDA Songwriting Award, do you have any advice for young aspiring musicians?

It’s a cliche but honestly the best advice I can ever give is to stay true and honest to yourself and don’t, under any circumstances compromise on your vision. Influence change if you’re not happy with the way something’s being done and Don’t, whatever you do, sit around or stand still. That’s a killer.

You’ve toured with some amazing acts including Sparkadia, Matt Corby, Of Monsters and Men, just to name a few. What has been your most memorable tour experience?

Touring with the boys from HUSKY was an incredibly inviting and refreshing experience for us. We were just a three piece back then but the guys welcomed us with open arms. We learnt a hell of a lot that tour.

Is there a particular artist that you’re dying to tour with in the future?

I would absolutely kill to tour with Death Cab For Cutie, or Elbow, Or Radiohead!

All of your video clips are very original and creative, what is the inspiration behind this? Do the ideas for the clips ever come before the lyrics?

The ideas definitely never come before lyrics. They’re usually born out of me and my brother just throwing ideas back and forth. I think film clips are an incredibly opportunity to expand the palette and concept of a song. The clips we do are rarely directly related to what the song is actually about so it’s a great way of contributing to the “world” or “feeling” of them I think. giving the song another chance to mean something else in another context. I find that really interesting.

What’s coming up next for TTWT after the current Australian tour?

A few little one off shows and then we’re heading to the UK  for a cheeky tour over there! It’s our first time going to Europe so we’re INCREDIBLY EXCITED.

Three favourite Melbourne artists right now?

Husky, Ainslie Wills, Ali Barter!