Tom Glover is a music producer and recording engineer based in Melbourne, Australia. Having completed a Bachelor of Digital Media (Audio Production) in 2014 Tom has been providing freelance recording, mixing mastering, post production audio and live recording/mixing services. Tom’s extensive musical experience allows him to deliver an aesthetic and professional product which is sympathetic to the artist’s vision.

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Tom has provided audio recording, mixing, mastering  to artists including Mayfair Kytes , Tin Pan Orange, Gotye/Asylum Seeker Resource Center , Multicultural Arts Victoria, Jack Howard (Hunters and Collectors), Livid Productions, The Ugly Kings, Devil Electric, Jesters For Kings, Mud Puppy, Pip Norman (Countbounce, 5ths), Jane McAuthur
Dreamcoat, Nathan Slater, Hunter Gatherer, Low Temperature Civics, Alex Fairbridge, HABITAT, Helen Shanahan, Tom Lee Richards, Ripley, Kaity Dunstan (Cloves), Lila Gold and many more.


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