Blank Tape are currently working with a brand new act, Totara Jack (India/Australia). The brainchild of Cameron Deyell (Bertie Blackman, Lior – the list is quiet large), Totara Jack has an single & EP ready to go. Based between India and Oz, Cameron wrote the EP amidst the chaos that is Delhi, and in turn this flavour has seeped through into the music and we would like to have a hint of ‘Modern India’ in the aesthetic as we start to build profile for the artist. It doesn’t need to be overstated… It can be hinted at or perhaps¬†subconsciously¬†devised.

So what’s the deal? We need a clip for ‘Supercolliders’ (hear it below) done over the coming months. We need a director to work with us on a concept. Some of the possibilities include flying to India and using the resources there. Cameron has developed a strong & professional network of film makers. Naturally India will flow through the concept this way. But this is merely a suggestion and we are open to all sorts of possibilities.

Here is a glimpse of a ‘teaser’ we are putting together for pre release. It gives you an idea of the aesthetic:

If you feel you have an idea as a director and work with us on developing the concept then we’d be keen to hear the concept. Get in touch with Cesar Rodrigues – with any concepts and ideas. We are hoping to move forward as soon as possible. Looking forward to hearing from you!