Tully on Tully Q&A

By Maddy Crehan

Blank Tape chats to up and coming local band Tully on Tully about their recent show, new album and the Melbourne Music Scene.


1. How did Tully on Tully come together?

We’ve all played in other bands but when Pete, Iain and I met at uni and started playing together we really loved it. 6 months later, Greg and Frank joined and we came up with the name Tully on Tully.

2. What’s your take on the Melbourne music scene at the moment?

I think the Melbourne music scene will always be thriving – it’s too much a part of the city and it’s tourism to get left behind. But it’s been pretty incredible from a musician’s point of view – to see the community that everybody has made together – there’s so much support from other artists that are growing with and around you.

3. Which local artists have inspired your music?

Neighbourhood Youth, Pourparlour, Playwrite, Secondhand Heart… There are so many! Particularly from a live aspect because they’re the bands that we’re seeing on a regular basis.

4. Most memorable show in Melbourne?

Definitely our single launch for ‘Naked’ at the end of 2012! We worked so hard on it – we had decorations, I had a sparkly dress, we had a full set of new songs from the album, and we were able to play to a huge crowd of people. It was awesome.

5. How do you go about writing and composing songs?

Our old songs were written by me and then brought to the band to arrange but all the newer tracks started as jams that I wrote lyrics for later. We got into a real groove writing our debut album – I think we’re all itching to write the next one already!

6. What can we expect from your debut album?

A little of what you’ve already heard and a little bit of what you haven’t. I’m no good with descriptions so you’ll just have to wait and see!

7. Favourite Melbourne venue?

I’m not a huge fan of larger venues because I’m so short and I can never see the bands so…

ding dong has some great steps which make it easier for me to get in front of tall people.

8. What would be your advice for other aspiring musicians?

Keep making music and work your arse off.

9. Could you tell us about the launch?

The launch was fantastic! We had great bands, great decorations and a special guest appearance from Hayden Calnin (who could resist that guy?), we’ve got the Ballarat launch coming this week and some shows with Eliza Hull, Texture Like Sun and Private Life over the next two months, busy times and lots fun.