Village People at Melbourne Zoo Twilights


By Alana Mazurke




Sometimes on a night where you expect nothing but gain everything from an event can almost feel like it never happened at all. At the Village people last Friday night I didn’t know whether I was laughing at the idea of being there or at the fact. Mostly I was laughing because, like every other punter there, I was having the best time. I can always tell a show is going well when you see at least four or five men in close proximity swinging their hips like there’s no tomorrow. To my surprise, majority of punters knew every song and not just the chorus, i’m talking word for word. Perhaps that’s my age talking or just my close mindedness on the fact I thought Village People only had “that song” but nonetheless I learnt a lot about the knowledge of the Melbourne music scene that night.

The night was costume changes, choreographed dancing, choreographed banter, leather and lycra and muscles all wrapped into a number of flamboyant pop tunes that got better and better. The set list was brilliant, ensuring there was a solid hit every two or three songs. Bringing disco back to life, the six members known as Eric (biker), Felipe (Indian), Jim (cowboy), Ray (cop), Bill (builder) and Alex (soldier) nailed every song, every move and notably lead singer Ray has actually got one hell of a voice on him. Without fail we heard the singles ‘Go West’, ‘Can’t Stop The Music’, ‘Macho Man’ and ‘In The Navy’.





Fans were also┬átreated to a brand new single from the group with production help from notorious KC and The Sunshine Band and it was actually quite a solid disco tune. I’m keen to see how it goes when it gets released this year aka I cant wait to dance to it again. Maybe it was the beer talking but I like the almost sold out crowd at the Melbourne Zoo Twilight festival had one of the most enjoyable nights I’ve had at a gig in a long time. No one cared how you or anyone else was dancing and everyone was doing just that. The group also performed over the weekend at the Golden Plains festival which i’m sure held the same reception. In the only way i’m sure the group would ever round out a show, the boys finished their performance with the perfectly timed crowd pleaser and cause for interaction hit single ‘YMCA’. I can thankfully say the night was a big hit for everyone that went along regardless if you knew only one hit or every song written.


And for a good ol’ just because…