Whitesploitation Album Launch Tour

The next two months prove to be very exciting for BT collaborators Whitesploitation, The have been hard at work finishing there 2nd Album, and getting ready for a bunch of shows around Australia.
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Whitesploitation has always been about honing a unique art form. With a humble beginning in the realm of academia, the Monash School of Music, it’s five members were bound together by a penchant for fierce experimentation. “The Whites” have, since 2005, fused the raw energy of their teen hood rock idols with a modern jazz hum of their stomping ground, Fitzroy. Within a powder-keg of electronic, classical and film music, jazz, punk, prog and post rock, a sound was born. Fast forward to 2011. Off the back of their live reputation and revered debut album, years of gigging around Melbourne were paying off. The band was invited to perform at Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and to begin pre-production of their 2nd album; all signs that this was going somewhere. This music has a place. At times wildly avant-garde, it seems to belong in every genre yet none. “Is it Jazz? Or Rock?” It seems the spirits of both are embodied; extended improvisations, sweeping melodies and complex rhythms are all grounded by dark grunge yearnings, eternal elements of blazing guitar and crashing drums. “Then what do you call it, darl’?” Well….we just call it Whitesploitation.
Acclaimed for energetic, even theatrical, performances, Whitesploitation have created something of a storm in Melbourne’s live music scene. Now coming into summer 2012, the storm has been captured on record. With producer King Charlie (Red Eyes, Blue King Brown), the experience of their live shows is channeled throughout album number two, Man On Fire. Synergised by tight, finely crafted arrangements, unknown corridors are explored through a set of epic compositions. Listeners will be presented with a truly post-jazz, post-rock sound scape.
Man On Fire is Available from February 2nd at whitesploitation.com.au, independant record stores, or at any of the following shows:
            Bennetts Lane Jazz Club,  – Thurs 9th, 16, 23rd  Feb, 9pm doors, $15/ $12 entry
            Venue 505 – 6th March
            Secret Show! Check Facebook for details – 7th March
            Brisbane Jazz Club  – 8th March